7 Sizzling Gift Ideas For Your Man (That He’ll Actually Like)

7 Sizzling Gift Ideas For Your Man (That He’ll Actually Like)

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Designer cologne, a new wallet or a barbecue grill – sure, these gifts are practical and thoughtful, but they’re also really safe (and returnable.) Your partner may have had his eye on these products for a while, but the best gifts are the ones that he hasn’t mentioned. You know, the ones that appeal to all five of his senses…

Whether it’s your man’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or just because (well, do you really need an excuse to spoil him?) at DailyJocks, we’ve come up with a few sizzling gift ideas for him that he’ll really like.

7 naughty gifts for your partner that he’ll truly appreciate

Strike the perfect balance between sexy, creative and functional in all the best ways with these gift ideas for your partner (or for yourself!) These gifts are sure to make him wish his birthday was every day.

  1. Massage Candles: You just know that a gift that incorporates heat, sensuality and an unforgettable scent will be a winner in anyone’s books. Not only are these candles sweet-smelling, but the soy wax melts into a warm oil that begs to be kneaded into your man’s tired and sore muscles. Simply light your candle, pour onto his naked skin, and massage away. Simple to pour, impossible to forget. Bonus: These candles are made with shea butter, cocoa butter or vitamin E, and double as a body moisturiser. So, your man’s skin will be feeling very loved – you can thank us later. Think of it as CWB (Candles With Benefits.)
  2. IOU Love Coupons: Reinvented and repackaged for a much more mature and less cheesy audience, we really think that IOU coupons don’t get enough credit. Think of them as a sexy slave-for-a-day type of appeal. You can either buy pre-made coupon booklets or make up your own IOUs for a truly personalised experience. Some ideas go from tame (“Dinner at an exclusive restaurant”) all the way to downright suggestive (“Leave the lights on.”) Get your man to redeem at any time with no restrictions… unless, of course, the IOU calls for some silk restraints.
  3. Sexy Underwear: We may be cheating a bit here (after all, it’s a gift for both him and for you!) but you can’t look past a pair of designer mesh jockstraps as the ultimate gift. Made from modern nylon microfibre material, they’ll accentuate all the right areas whilst still allowing his most prized possessions to breathe. With minimal coverage and great support, DailyJocks’ designer mesh jockstraps are guaranteed to turn him into a quivering mess – in the office, at the gym or in the bedroom.
  4. Position of the Day Playing Cards: For your … er… playing enjoyment, if your man is a quick thinker and good at paying attention, he’ll appreciate these playing cards. But they’re not your ordinary deck: each card features a different illustrated sexual position for you to try in the bedroom, or the lounge, or the kitchen. We’re not bluffing: that’s 52 positions to try for each week for a whole year. We dare you to try to get through a full game of Poker now…
  5. Edible Body Paint: We all know chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac, so add a bit of strawberries into the mix for a luxe night he won’t forget. Edible body paint is the perfect way to get down and dirty – literally – in the bedroom. Turn each other’s bodies into a canvas that Picasso would be proud of as you paint each other’s naked skin with words, images or just squiggles. This is a truly intimate and fun activity, so make sure you’re ready to lick off all the body paint that will have undoubtedly found its way into every crevice. 
  6. LED Harness: Is your toy boy a bit of a party animal? If he’s always the first on the dance floor and the last to leave a party, then he’ll love to live his fetish up in lights in a glow LED harness. Make him the centre of attention at every event in his very own seriously sexy glow in the dark accessory. The ultimate underwear to take him from mild to wild, they’re always up and ready to go – just like him. Available in a range of different colours, such as rainbow, green, and red, as well as styles, such as bulldog, warrior or shoulder, this is one unforgettable gift that he is sure to appreciate.
  7. A striptease: Hear us out: the kind of striptease we’re thinking about is less The Full Monty and more Demi Moore. If your man is a bit impatient in the bedroom, then force him to take it slow as you gradually undress in front of him. A few carefully placed tealight candles and soft music should do the trick – leave “Pour Some Sugar On Me” for another time. And of course, be sure to be wearing the sexiest underwear that will reveal the best present of all.

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