What’s the difference among jockstraps, G-strings and thongs? 

The quick answer: the amount of material used.

Here are some more detailed answers:

Jockstraps. They lack material on their sides, which gives the legs more ability to move, especially during sports activity. No material in the back either, providing ventilation and more freedom than a brief or boxer. Its main feature is the pouch, which provides support and protection. The pouch is connected to the back of the garment with elastic straps (hence the name: jockstraps). At the top is an elasticated waistband, for flexibility and movement, which you can also find in a brief or a boxer short. They’re good to prevent scrotal scraping and irritation, because they lift the genitals away from the thighs. Jocks were originally intended for sports and gym class, but have since become a wildly popular fashion favourite.

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G-Strings. Of all three garments, this one has the least amount of material. Like the jockstrap, a G-string has a pouch, but instead of an elastic waistband, it sports a thin string. It’s your butt crack that provides the support for the G-string to stay on your bod: the string runs down your butt, rather than around your legs. No straps appear around the legs, like they do with a jockstrap.

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Thongs. The thong is a kissin’ cousin to the G-string. In fact, there is not much difference between the two, except for a small piece of material which appears at the top of the butt. There is actually no real purpose or function for this material, other than it looks hot. A thong is more likely to have an elastic waistband (like a jock), and a bit more material (coverage). Thongs were originally designed for women (to eliminate visual panty lines), but have since become more widely accepted by men and a staple of men’s undergarment fashion.

Guys may prefer thongs and G-stings to jocks because they’re less restraining. One reason for choosing the jock is for maximum support when playing sports – the leg straps are functional, and not everybody wants a string up their ass.

All three are favored by men who do not want the extra material, weight, or bunching up of traditional briefs or boxers, especially in warmer climates.

Which one should you choose? Easy: buy an assortment of all three, and get a feel for which ones are most comfortable for you.