The Importance of Heroes &  (Role) Models

The Importance of Heroes & (Role) Models

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The Daily Jocks relaunch has been focused on ‘levelling-up’ our offering to ensure we provide our entire community with the lifestyle attire to look and feel their best.

From tailored sportswear, like joggers and gym shorts - to party pieces and fetishwear like thongs and jockstraps - to everyday underwear like briefs and boxers

The relaunch campaign gave us a chance to not only feature our incredible community - but discover a little about what drives them.

Throughout the shoot, one of our campaign stars, Chaye, spoke to us about the heroes that inspire her as a model and a change-maker. 

DJs: Who are some of your favourite models from when you were younger? 

Chaye: My favourite model growing up was Andreja Pejic. The Serbian-Australian model was a great inspiration to me before I accepted my need to transition - and once I decided to pursue the process. 

I would read articles about her and think, ‘If she can do it, why can't I? The only thing that's stopping me is trying.’

DJs: What do you think makes a great model? 

Chaye: A great model needs to have an acute awareness of their body and how it functions -  both in terms of how to best nourish, train, and recover, but also on camera and moving in space around a lot of people. 

It's not about self-confidence but rather self-comfort in one's skin. This kind of energy always radiates through the lens. 

DJs: You’re starting to make a name for yourself as a model locally. Are there any brands or photographers you’d like to work with internationally?

Chaye: My favourite photographers have long passed (Lindbergh and Haskins), but my all-time dream brand is Aubade lingerie out of Paris. I've been admiring their catalogues since I was 13. I'd also love to represent brands whose values I align more with than their mere history or reputation. Sustainability and representation inclusivity are big-ticket items for me. If a brand has them, I'm more inclined to say yes to a job. 

DJs:  How would you like to see the industry, especially in Australia, evolve in the coming years?

Chaye: How long do I have? I could literally write a PhD thesis on this - 'How the Australian Modelling Industry Needs to Change’  - to become more sustainable, inclusive, diverse, economically robust, etc. 

The main thing I want to see change is: the representation of people of difference (such as myself) NOT based on the tokenistic needs of brands. As much as getting booked for a job because they need a trans person is OK, it would be far more fulfilling to get booked for a job because I'm the right look irrespective of my trans identity. 

DJs:  As well as sharing your modelling work on social media, you've also been sharing your ideas…

Chaye: My main area of focus is understanding the broader laws around transgender rights  - rights to play sports, affirmative health care, educational policies - and human rights / social justice in general. The answers are not simple, and given the current rhetoric in the media, it appears it will be an increasing area of debate that will need a clear non-inflammatory explanation in the future. 

At the moment, I feel deeply drawn to becoming one of those explainers and potential policy advisors, which would mean needing to study law finally - something I have always wanted to - with a real focus on human rights and discrimination. 

Thankfully, I'm already at uni doing a post-grad degree, so even though I don't know where my ideas will take me, they're percolating, and uni discourses and conversations with my sister are the best outlets for them as they mature. 

Although, in reality, I know I'll be a philosopher and abstract painter in my retirement age. Until then, we have to wait to see how we get there. 

DJs:  What advice would you have for the baby Chaye's out there who are coming into themselves?

Chaye: To all the baby Chaye's out there, there's a great chance that everything you feel ashamed about yourself today or when growing up are the very things that, once you embrace them, will help open up your world. 

Also, the things you were interested in as a child from the ages 7-12 especially, find time to explore those hobbies and passions. Chances are, those activities will bring you all forms of fulfilment!

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