Top Underwear Brands for Men

Top Underwear Brands for Men

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At Dailyjocks, we have a number of top selling underwear brands for men that we think you should own, at least a few pairs across a few styles.  We are blessed with choices, some days you may love cherry and other days you might love oranges and diving into the night you may want to go for something dark and sexy - the colours you may wear can reflect your mood of the day.

Perhaps you want to impress your man on a date night because the type of underwear tells him you are worth it.  Oh yes!  Guys do notice these things because the main event is not over dinner but actually in the bedroom.  Or simply wear it for yourself, self confidence is very important!  Just look at the number of change room selfies on social media.

Pump! Underwear

Pump! The brand name itself is already a stable for a strong fashion statement and definitely a popular underwear brand among gay men.   PUMP! underwear presents a palette of bold colours from black, navy to army green then there is also the combo of popping colours in orange and red to dress your best assets.  The clean lines that highlight your package leading the viewers’ eyes to where it matters - your bulge. 


Pump! is stylish, sexy and sporty but you don’t need to be an athlete to wear Pump!  Just think of the sneakers we all buy, you don’t need to be a gym bunny to wear one. In today’s culture, sporty is a lifestyle that can mean anything from active, young to mature minded, outgoing and individuals with self confidence - clearly a brand that embraces diversity.  For the guys who like a bit of fun and playfulness, the Space Candy range is very popular, you can choose from briefs, trunks or jockstrap.  Pump is also known for its quality and durability, you can wash as many times and the colours won’t run and the elastic waistband is kept intact after many spins in the washing machines.   For the guys who love to wear Pump! for active sport, there are briefs and jockstraps with mesh pouches which are breathable and comfortable so you won’t sweat.  A favourite of mine is the Flash brief - the bold red, yellow and white when worn can unleash the superhero in you and you don’t even need to wear your underwear outside your pants either!

Locker Gear

Locker Gear, an underwear brand made for gay men - not the faint hearted but also ideal for men who loves to expand their comfort zone.  The brand slogan ‘Unlock your Addiction’ sets the tone for your desire, obsession, the force of nature and irresistible urge.  Locker Gear underwear is an essential item whether you are a top, bottom or anywhere in between.  Leatherette (faux leather) is used throughout their designs with contrast stitching, framed tightly to the body that makes you want to run your fingers and fists all over.   The style is raw but well defined structure is expressed in the use of darker colours and armour like design (think today’s man of steel’s new suit - someone you want to bump into in dark alleyways).  You can even wear it to the gym and be confident that something will happen in the locker room.

The Zippered Jockstrap made from vegan leather has a pouch with a zip at the front and an easy access at the back - it’s the best of both worlds so if you are versatile this is a must have.  

About time you let the underwear speak for your desire.  

Hero Enhancing Underwear

Hero is a classic design underwear ideal for everyone, especially if your work week is always on the go - no fuss just put it on and start your day.  Made from modal fabric, a material that is comfy to wear it will make you smile all day long.  It is also durable with machine wash the waistband won’t twist or shrink over time. The material is also breathable so it won’t trap sweat and moisture, ideal for the guys who dash to the gym straight after work.  


The Brave collection is designed to keep your assets in place, the unique structure V  shaped pouch can boost and enhance your best assets.  Comes in bold colours which defines your confidence. Hero comes in all styles from briefs, trunk to jockstraps, so it is ideal for work, sports and in the bedroom.


At Dailyjocks we have a wide range of underwear across a range of brands for you to choose from.  As gay men we love choices and we also love to experiment a little, so if you have been wearing briefs all your life (like me), try wearing jockstrap or thongs and no one needs to know