We love thick thighs

We love thick thighs

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If you’re blessed with big, sexy thighs, or if you’re working hard to build them up, you also don’t want underwear that is going to burst at the seams after a few wears. On the other hand, underwear that sports extra thigh material may not be your best choice, as it tends to bunch up.

Therefore, here is our recommendation:

Briefs: This style usually offers a high cut on the hip, allowing for more movement, along with secure support. They’ll ride firmly and confidently. Don’t think of them as tighty whiteys -- today’s styles allow for more stretchiness and comfort.

Often times, briefs have taken a beating, being compared to children’s undies. But it takes a real man -- with a great bod -- to rock a pair of briefs. Briefs -- like hips -- don’t lie. They show off your best assets, including your thighs.
You may also want to consider buying briefs at least one size larger than you normally do, as underwear tends to shrink with multiple washings. Larger sizes tend to have wider cuts at the legs.

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