Are Men’s G Strings Really That Comfortable?

Are Men’s G Strings Really That Comfortable?

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Daily Jocks’ Most Comfortable G Strings

Men’s g-strings, or thongs, are a cosy pouch for your most prized assets. You’ll feel sexy and naughty while your bits breathe better whether you’re at work or play. It’s your own sexy little secret. Until you want to share it. 

Daily Jocks has you covered, or should we say partly uncovered, with every day or playtime men’s thong underwear. Boost your package and perk up your buns with Daily Jocks’ exciting range of men’s sexy thong underwear, including g-strings, thongs, jockstraps, harnesses and sexy boxer briefs. We have loads of styles, materials and colours to suit every occasion.


Supawear Jockstraps and G strings

You’ll feel like Superman with Supawear’s range of men’s sexy underwear. Supawear’s unique and comfortable range of g strings and jockstraps wrap your package in support and sexy fun. Supawear lets you do and be anything because they are equal parts sass and comfort.


Unleash your inner beast with the comfy Supawear ‘Black Beast’ POW thong. Men’s sexy thong underwear doesn’t get much sexier than the Black Beast. The XCURV single-layered pouch offers comfort and style while boosting your package and cupping your buttocks. Supawear’s Black Beast sexy thong underwear is all about comfort, being 90 per cent polyester and 10 per cent spandex. And we’ve thought of everything – the Supawear men’s sexy underwear don’t have a label that avoids irritation.


Get the WOW! factor with next-level men’s sexy underwear — the Supawear tan WOW thong is a triple threat, giving style, sass and comfort. The Supawear tan WOW thong answers the question: are sexy men’s g strings comfortable? You bet they are. The XCURV single-layered pouch offers comfort and style while boosting your package and cradling your buttocks. Supawear’s WOW tan thong is all about comfort, being 90 per cent polyester and 10 per cent spandex. And we’ve thought of everything – the Supawear men’s sexy underwear don’t have a label that avoids irritation.

Put the POW in KAPOW with this psychedelic take on men’s sexy underwear from Supawear. The freaky green POW thong has a single-layer XCURV pouch that lifts, supports and holds everything in place without being tight. This Supawear men’s sexy thong underwear stands out from the pack, being 90 per cent polyamide and 10 per cent elastane. Not to mention the mesmerising, super-fun graphic print and a fit with freedom and comfort. Surprise in the bedroom with this unique and form-fitting men’s sexy thong underwear.

Gregg Homme 

No matter who you are, or what the occasion, Gregg Homme has something for every man. Gregg Homme is a leader in creating bold underwear, swimwear, harnesses and sexy boxer briefs. You’ll feel sexy and suave in the thongs, swimwear or boxers that come in every colour of the rainbow. Since 1987, Gregg Homme has been the home of sexy men’s underwear known for quality, comfort and unique design. Gregg Homme has made a name at home in Canada and has a strong worldwide following with a presence in 26 countries.


Show off your package in the sexy light tan Greg Homme Virgin thong that contours your curves and cradles your package for maximum definition. If you’re asking whether men’s thongs are comfortable — the Greg Homme Virgin thong is a big yes. This sexy men’s form-fitting bikini g-string is made from 78 per cent Polyamide and 22 per cent spandex. Whether you’re in the boardroom or the bedroom, the Virgin thong gives you the support you need to make an impression.


Set your inner rebel free with the bold purple Renegade thong that puts the fun into funky. Gregg Homme’s purple Renegade thong cups your package with a soft pouch and shows off your curves with a comfy Y-back elastic. This sexy thong is made from 69 per cent Polyamide, 23 per cent Spandex and 8 per cent Micro Polyamide. Get ready to impress when you dress your package for style and success.


Pink is not for pussies. Pink is powerful, playful and a big part of the bold range of Greg Homme sexy men’s thong range. Unleash your wild side with the pink Renegade thong which cups your package and cradles your curves with an elastic Y-back strip. The Renegade thong is built for sass and comfort with 69 per cent Polyamide, 23 per cent Spandex, 8 per cent Micro Polyamide. Lead the pack in pink from the daring Gregg Homme range of sexy thongs.

Varsity Jockstrap

Get into a scrum with your chosen player wearing the sexy and unique Gregg Homme Varsity Jockstrap briefs. Varsity briefs ensure incredible comfort and maximum performance – so you might never want to take them off! Ideal for the gym, parties or even relaxing around the house. These lace-up briefs feature a cheeky bottomless back You’ll definitely grab your teammate’s attention in these cute briefs. They’re available in red, black and blue; and built for comfort as well as sass with 95 per cent Cotton and 5 per cent Elastane.

FIELD MESH THONG - Black or White

Take the already sexy Varsity jockstrap and ramp it up with mesh side panels and an even cheekier bottomless back — and you have the Field Mesh Thong sexy men’s bikini g-string. Wrap your package in a single-layered pouch that emphasises all the right curves, while allowing you to breathe due to the modern nylon microfibre material. When you’re in Varsity underwear, you’ll get the right amount of support no matter what play you’re running. The Varsity Field Mesh Thong is available in black or white.

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