How to Style Men’s Fashion Harness

How to Style Men’s Fashion Harness

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Men’s Harness Fashion

Take a walk on the wild side with the sexy, strap on gay men’s harness. Gay harnesses have become more of a fashion statement than a BDSM staple in recent years. More gay men are wearing harnesses because simply — they’re hot! They enjoy how men’s fetishwear looks and how it feels and that can only be a good thing. You’ll find the right harness for you at Daily Jocks whether it’s a jockstrap harness, neoprene harness, leather harness, mesh harness or elastic harness. They’re all hot and sexy - — the difference just depends on what floats your boat.


Daily Jocks has you covered for gay harnesses in many sexy styles that enhance your fit physique. Pick the material that makes you feel sexiest —our strap on harnesses come in leather, neoprene, mesh and elastic. You’ll find them in rainbow pride colours as well as black, white, blue, red, pink and khaki. Our gay men’s harnesses come with sexy g-strings and bottomless backs or in a super-sexy one-piece body harness. They are suitable for the boudoir or showing what you’ve got at the next gay and lesbian mardi gras.


Cellblock 13 men’s body harnesses are some of the sexiest and sassy harnesses around. This includes the Atlas body harnesses with a c-ring which give your pecs and abs definition while strapping gives your upper back and buttocks greater emphasis. Cellblock 13 also offers the Prowler 2.0 neoprene strap on body harness with Jock Armour which we discuss in the next section.


Cellblock 13 has updated their signature Prowler body harness with version 2.0 which is sturdy, masculine and designed to make you look good. Prowler 2.0 has the ‘phwoar!’ factor with straps holding up a soft pouch that boosts your package. It’s is made out of a high-quality soft, stretchy neoprene with bright nylon banding that will make you stand out. Side straps clips to the Jock Armour to give you a very sexy V-shape from front and back.

You’ll be ready for action with the convenient detachable cup and silicone Jock Armour.


Strap on the all-new Circuit Strap harness to square off your chest for maximum definition. The Circuit Strap harness features a rubber logo, stripes and rubber ring hardware which gives an edgy look. Choose from our blue, black, red, pink or super sexy black mesh range of Circuit Strap harnesses. You can wrap yourself up as the total package with matching jockstrap and socks to show you mean business.


Varsity brings its A-game to the Quarterback collection of strap on harnesses. If you’re feeling sporty and playful, the Quarterback collection will keep you in the mood to lift your game.


The Quarterback men’s harness has got your number with a cheeky ‘69’ patch sewn on the back. You have a choice of blue or red in this harness that’s made of thick stretch elastic which shapes your chest for maximum definition. Don’t’ stop there — you can team with the theme and get matching underwear and shorts to complete the buff jock look.


Locker Gear gives its take on strap on harnesses with matching briefs and bottomless jockstraps. Pick whichever material is more sensuous for you. Locker Gear men’s harnesses come in leather, mesh, elastic or neoprene. You’ll be shaped and styled to look hot in any Locker Gear harness

Locker Gear Chest Harness

Locker Gear strap on harnesses stands out from the crowd as they generally have two straps across the chest, adding sculpture and enhancing your nipples. Choose whichever material makes you feel sexier —.leather, mesh, elastic or neoprene. And remember to complete your look with a cheeky Locker Gear bottomless jockstrap.

Types of Men’s Harnesses

What’s the feel of your favourite material? Whether it’s neoprene, mesh, leather or elastic, Daily Jocks has the strap on harness for you. We sell everything from the classic macho leather harness, from Greg Homme, to the softer mesh, elastic or neoprene gay harness from other popular brands, such as DJX, Cellblock 13, Locker Gear and Varsity.


Greg Homme has created the ultimate in sex appeal with the Charnel X-shape leather strap on harness. This 100% premium leather harness will excite you with its X-shaped straps and flattering chest and back shaping for maximum definition. For extra raunch, get your hands on a pair of Scorpio bottoms to match the ultimate in gay men’s harnesses.


Who doesn’t love sexy, see-through fetishwear? Slip-on the DJX Circuit Mesh Harness which sits just so above your nipples for a super-hot effect. Dare to pair with the Circuit Jockstrap or the Circuit Liquid Shorts, with a front pocket, to cradle your package for an even sexier look.

Strap on elastic harnesses shape and define your chest for a super-hot look. Daily Jocks stocks elastic gay harnesses from all your favourite brands — DJX, Locker Gear and Varsity. They each have their take on the elastic harness with the same sexy result. Each brand also has matching sexy bottomless underwear to make the most of all your assets. 


Borat doesn’t know what he’s missing but you can get semi-naked with the sexy one-piece neoprene Prowler 2.0 harness. You’ll always be ready for action with a detachable cup and silicone Jock Armour! Neoprene is soft, stretchy, and so comfy as well as sexy when the straps lift your package for extra definition. At the same time, the V-shape at the back curves sensuously around your taut buttocks. Choose between black, yellow or turquoise. 

Men’s Harness Fashion Styles
Gay men’s harnesses can be used for any private or public special occasion. We’re talking in the bedroom, for a party or at mardi gras.

Daily Jocks carries a wide range of strap on harnesses:

  • jockstrap harness
  • neoprene harness
  • leather harness
  • mesh harness
  • elastic harness

Imagine yourself sashaying through the streets of Sydney in a mesh harness or striding along in a macho leather harness at mardi gras next year. You’ll be able to party through the night at an after-party or private bedroom party for two if you’re lucky. Or for year-round party time, why not try the hot elastic or neoprene harnesses that show off your best assets. For an even sexier look, try the skimpy jockstrap harness which is sure to turn heads.