Gym shorts for men

Gym shorts for men

 Gym shorts for men

What are some of the words that you can think of when addressing your bottoms? - ‘Flattering’, ‘Functional’ and ‘Fit’ practically rolls off the tongue for me. But what about your gym shorts? Actually it’s pretty much the same.

This may sound simple but when you think of something that fits, it usually means that everything is covered nicely, with no excess hanging out.  However it is very different with gym shorts, because it needs stretchability and maximum mobility which can potentially affect your performance when you work out. 

So how much do you know about your gym shorts? It appears that not many guys have the perfect answer when it comes to shopping for shorts, although it’s a matter of personal preference whether you like your shorts short or near knee length but what about functionality, comfort, aesthetic and so on, the followings can guide you to make the right decision: 


The fabric of a pair of gym shorts is only a fraction of a pair of pants but there are many variables to consider for the right fit. You wouldn’t want something too tight that you need to constantly adjust yourself in public - that’s not a good look no matter how sexy it looks in slow mo at the movies.  Or when your shorts are too loose and sloppy leaving you free-balling, especially when you are out on a jog - it is very distracting for the incoming traffic.  Also think of those times when you sit down on the rower machine your shorts turn into a mini parachute - yeh that’s not sexy.  So it all comes down to finding the happy medium.

Inseams - The length of the inseams actually means something, depending on the type of exercise whether you are out for a jog, running a marathon or circuit training.

3” inseam - It looks really short but it’s ideal for joggers because jogging requires linear movement (your legs move up and down).  Some guys also love this for ‘Leg Day’ so you can watch your quads in action with every push on the leg press machine, because ultimately you want to watch how your leg muscles develop and progress.   Take a look at our latest style Kasper shorts 2.0 for Helsinki Athletica with 3.5” inseams designed with light weight fabrics and 4 way stretch allows for the freest movement.

5” inseam - Ideal for any type of exercises whether you are working out in the gym or out for a long distance jog and something as intense as circuit training, the length gives you that flexibility to move up, down and sideways. Our Helsinki Athletica Sports Training 2.0 is semi fitted designed with light weight strict woven fabric. 

8” inseam - Versatile athleisure shorts ideal for short distance jog, work out and streetwear, like this pair of stylish design Helsinki Athletica Core Shorts with zipped up pockets so you can securely carry your keys, mobiles and wallets when you are in the gym or out with your friends.

With all things considered, it also depends on your height and thickness of your thigh but you should never let your shorts go past your knees, ideally the short should end at 2” to 4” above the knee.  So if you are 6ft 4, a pair of 3.5” inseam is probably too short and for the 5ft 5 guys, the 8” inseam is too long for you.

FUNCTIONAL - When investing into a pair of gym shorts, functionality should always be your top priority, but the word ‘functional’ always seems to remind me of year 10 physics class - push and pull, strain and stress. It’s all related when it comes to your gym shorts because you will be doing a lot of pulling, sweating, stretching and side movements. Product testing was done to make sure it lives up to your expectations.  Here are some questions you should ask:

  1. Do the shorts stretch at the optimal performance level during intense exercises?
  2. Is there a mesh layer underneath to provide extra support?
  3. Is the shorts made from breathable fabric and moisture wicking material so you can workout longer with comfort without looking drenched with sweat?
  4. Are there zipped up pockets for your keys, wallets and mobile phones especially for the joggers?

There is no ‘one shorts fits all’ formula to buying a pair of gym shorts, it’s what you prefer based on your activities which can optimise your performance.  So next time when you need to buy a pair of gym shorts, perhaps don’t go for the first item you see on the rack, because wearing the right pair of gym shorts can go a long way even if it is on a treadmill in your lounge room for now.  

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