Thongs for men

I must admit, being a 30 something gay man I have never worn G string or thong, okay I said it out loud.. I’m a thong virgin.  So when I was asked to write about mens g strings, I was lost for words.  I reached out to a few friends to get their insight, started with small talk and popped the question., “hey do you wear thongs?”  There were few silent moments before ‘...someone is typing’ appeared.   

I was surprised to see that many of my friends wear thongs or have at least tried it once.  Even from guys I would never expect to wear thongs.  But why the stereotype?  Thong is just another type of underwear, it is no different to briefs or trunks, except that slim piece of string that goes between the cheeks can put your buttock to center stage.  It frames your buttock perfectly in the most liberating way possible.

Things about thongs you never knew 

The concept of thong is not new, in fact thong has been around for centuries.  Today’s thongs went through a fabric of time derived from loincloth.  In ancient times; loincloths were used by hunters and gatherers throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.  Then in 200BC it was worn by the Japanese swimmers and sumo wrestlers.  Fast forward to 1900, male dancers started to use dance belts with thong designs to support their genitals, although it is a bit tighter on the front because of the vigorous movement during training and performances. In the 90s, it made the fashion runway which was rather scandalous and let’s not forget thong is widely used by male strippers, gogo dancers and bodybuilding competitors today.    

Are thongs for men comfortable?

You should always wear underwear that is fit and comfortable, when it comes to thongs or g strings you should also take into consideration how your genitals sit well into the front pouch.  For a first timer like myself I felt slightly odd, I kept thinking about having a ‘wedgie’.  I was a bit ambitious wearing it out for my first walk in my thongs up the neighbourhood to grab a cup of coffee.  However I found that the unrestricted movement felt greater than the initial shock so within hours I was not even thinking about it.    

Workout in thongs

Some guys wear thongs to workout at the gym because briefs and trunks bunch up which is very irritating especially when you are doing lower body exercises.  For the runners especially long distance, wearing thongs under your tights allows the front pouch to suspend the genitals nicely giving it support while there is less fabric so you can stay cooler.  Some businessmen love wearing thongs under their suits to display their confidence because, well let’s just say it just looks extra sexy without the underwear lines under the tight fit trousers. I am certain I have encountered some of these sassy executives in the elevators. 

In the Bedroom

Is thongs sexy? Yes definitely, actually it can be very erotic if you want to spice things up in the bedroom.  For the guys who want to try different things instead of the same old routines, some cheek to cheek excitement by starting off with a little strip tease.  Remember less is more and thong is definitely an excitement in a small package.  You can either surprise your partner by wearing one of our Supawear Pow Thong - Fruit Punch and buy him a pair of Dessert thong to match.  Slipping it on is as sexy as taking it off.

Party Outfit

Thongs can be a hot little number at parties especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.  Some guys prefer the lesser materials when it comes to dancing the night away and of course at the dance parties anything could happen so you may want to make things more accessible.  It is just one notch down from ‘dance naked’ while still having that support for your genitals and firmly keeping everything in place.  Just make sure you find the perfect fit.  Try this pair of Supawear Pow Thong - Ink for its party vibes.

So it is quite common among men, gay or straight to wear g strings or thong in the gym, the bedroom, dancefloor or at the next street party.  Perhaps if you are into sports and prefer comfort no matter the activities and nakedness is just mind over matter.  Don’t knock it until you have tried it. 

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