Kink Pride

Kink Pride

Is ‘Fetish’ the New Black?

With kink scene staples such as harnesses, g-strings and jockstraps now standard-issue party attire, DailyJocks asks: is ‘fetish wear’ having a fashion moment?

For decades, many queer party spaces were a sea of streetwear. In the last couple of years the tides have changed and they are now awash with wrestling suits, crop-tops, mesh and neoprene - with looks that channel the ‘varsity jock’ or the ‘cellblock dom’.

What has inspired this shift in self-expression - and how we like to be seen?

We asked our own party-wear poster boy, Jacob, aka DJ Debbie, about his observations on the influence of fetish and kink on broader queer spaces.

DailyJocks: Jacob, you DJ a variety of parties - from sex-on-premesis venues to large-scale events. Have you observed the influence of fringe and queer subcultures on broader queer events in the last few years? 

Jacob: Absolutely. You see harnesses, chokers, jockstraps - which all come from BDSM culture. 

DJs: Do you think what people wear in party spaces has an impact on how they behave - on and off the dance floor?

Jacob: People are tapping into an open-mindedness and a creativity for sexual expression and attaching that to looks.

The more safe spaces for people to experiment and have that liberated experience that they wouldn't have out in public, the more the community can be supporting them to challenge their own way of thinking. And also embrace the non-binary in clothing to to see if it works for them.  These spaces provide a ‘life changing’ moment - and it's a domino effect. 

DJs: You’re modelling DailyJocks Fetishwear. Is what you’re wearing in the campaign indicative of what you’d wear when you party?

Jacob: Depends on my mood. I like to change things up a bit - who doesn’t love a rebrand? (laughs).

DJ: What did you enjoy most about modelling for DailyJocks?

Jacob: I love that within their different categories [fetish and party, swim, sport] there’s something for everyone. And that’s a really purposeful movement of inclusivity. 

DJs: What advice would you have for anyone who is looking to find a greater sense of expression through what they wear - to a party, or in life?

Jacob: Don't let the clothes wear you. The more people who have a ‘fuck it’ attitude, the more ridiculous these spaces can get. Push that comfort zone - that form of self expression is only going to reward you.

With underground tropes becoming more ‘mainstream’ amongst the broader queer community, does that mean that those who want to stake their claim on subversion need to push the needle even further in order to feel ‘fringe’? Let’s hope so ;)

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