Pouch Underwear Vs G-Strings: Which Brings Out the Real Man?

Pouch Underwear Vs G-Strings: Which Brings Out the Real Man?

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Remember a time when the classic debate was once only boxers versus briefs? Now, the men’s underwear industry is flooded with choices. No longer confined to standard silk boxer shorts, men are now free to enjoy a range of erotically attractive styles, such as the g-string and pouch underwear.

As men, we don’t ask for much when it comes to our underwear. Comfort, colour and style are fundamental necessities, and just like women have the push-up bra, we’ve got options when it comes to enhancing our most prized possessions. If you’re looking for an alternative to briefs or – shudder – tighty whities – then we’ve got a handful of sexy choices for you: the g-string and pouch underwear.

But which one brings out the real man? It all comes down to your personal preference. We’ve made it a bit easier for you by getting down with all the facts before you make a purchasing decision.




From loincloths to g-strings: a short evolution of men’s underwear

Men’s underwear has certainly come a long way since ancient times. The first recorded piece of underwear was the loincloth, which was made out of either leather or linen, and was wrapped between the legs and around the waist. Then, in the Middle Ages, men began covering up more and started wearing braies (think loose harem pants). This was also around the time that codpieces were created.

Things really began to change in the 1930’s, when the first pair of briefs were sold and closely resembled the Y-front style that exists today. From here, the clothing industry brought about the first iteration of boxer shorts, briefs, trunks, and other varieties that we know and appreciate today.

Men’s underwear used to be extremely taboo, but became mainstream when it was turned into a fashion icon in the 1990’s (we’re looking at you, Marky Mark, in that Calvin Klein campaign). This helped propel men’s underwear from comfortable and durable to sexy and stylish - not to mention seen!

Nowadays, g-strings and pouch underwear are just as popular as other styles - and for good reason. You’ll see why as you read on.

What is a g-string?

A g-string needs no introduction: as a skimpy piece of fabric that is used to cover and hold the genitals, passing between the buttocks, and is attached to a waistband around the hips, it’s the primary choice of underwear when it comes to seduction. Thankfully, it’s becoming even more acceptable for men to wear this type of underwear.

The benefits of wearing a g-string includes:

  • Design: G-strings give the rear a perky, muscular look
  • Fun: Some novelty g-strings come with an elephant trunk or tiny tuxedo
  • Freedom: With minimal material, they are great for freedom of movement
  • Comfort: They’re lightweight and more breathable than other men’s underwear styles
  • Emphasis: They are designed to show off your package!

What is pouch underwear?

Pouch underwear was designed with an extra flexible space (or a ‘pouch’) in the front of the underwear so your package could easily slide into its own area. The pouch intentionally lifts and enhances your manhood, making it an attractive choice for many men.

The benefits of pouch underwear include:

  • Support: You’ll be comfortable for daily activities, including workouts
  • Breathability: You won’t feel suffocated or squished inside your trunks
  • Isolation: You’ll no longer experience chafing
  • Cooling: You won’t sweat all day long
  • Tailored fit: Your underwear won’t roll and bunch in the leg region


The verdict

The jury’s still out on which of these two pieces of underwear bring out the real man. And, does it really matter which one you prefer when they’re both designed to give you an edge when the rest of your gear comes off?

After all, when everything is supported down there, you’ll gain a greater sense of confidence in your everyday activities. Whilst not everyone may see your underwear choice, they’ll definitely be able to see a positive change in your attitude as you go about your day, knowing you harbour a sexy secret.


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