Giddy up! We rank the sexiest jockstraps on the planet

Giddy up! We rank the sexiest jockstraps on the planet

Risqué. Cheeky. Defined… and we’re not just talking about your angles! What is it about the sight of a jockstrap that just turns us into a quivering mess? Is it the fact that they enhance all your best assets? Provide plenty of support? Or just feel good against your skin? If jockstraps aren’t a staple in your top drawer, then maybe we can help change that… 

Our metrics for ranking the sexiest jockstraps 

When it comes to the topic of jockstraps, we take it very seriously. With so many available on the market today, it can be hard deciding which one is right for you. This is why we’ve come up with our own measuring system to determine which ones are winners and which ones are the losers. 

Here’s what we look for in a jockstrap:

  • Is it comfortable? It shouldn’t restrict freedom, and it should be soft, smooth and lightweight.
  • Is it supportive? Whatever intense activity you’re engaging in, the perfect jockstrap needs to provide the support you need
  • Does it look incredible? Colours, patterns, styles – these are all important aspects when it comes to showing off what you’re packing below the waist. 

We took it upon ourselves to rank the sexiest jockstraps on earth – all in the name of research, of course (well, someone had to do it!) In no particular order, here’s our top 7 jockstraps that will change your life.

jock strap

Our top 7 jockstraps that put the X in X-rated 

CODE 22: Serving more than just good looks, CODE 22 jockstraps give a whole new meaning to the words balance, confidence, and masculinity. Featuring classic cuts and soft elastic waistbands, these jockstraps are the perfect fit for any occasion. Bonus: the contrast black side straps really make the neon orange, lime and aqua pop.

2EROS: From one of our very own, 2EROS jockstraps were created by Australian designer Jason Hoeung and are the perfect mix of sleek and sporty. It’s all about style meets performance with these pieces, and they feature the iconic CURV technology, which contours and shapes your assets in a natural way. 

Breedwell: Controversial name. Controversial jockstraps. If you’re not afraid to live your fetish up in lights – literally – then Breedwell jockstraps are for you. Their neon LED leg straps are next level and will guarantee all eyes on you, wherever you go. However, they’re also super comfortable so you can live your fantasy in secret until you’re ready to flip the switch. 

CellBlock 13: For the man who likes to get down and dirty, CellBlock 13 jockstraps take the cake. We love their risqué and seductive designs for two main reasons: they’re designed with a four-way stretch to accommodate most guys, and well, we like the optional harness that can take the jockstraps from 0 to 100 real quick.

Barcode Berlin: Just like its German capital namesake, Barcode Berlin jockstraps are unconventional, daring, and not afraid to push boundaries. It’s not just the neon colours we love – it’s the back that appeals to us, too. The straps flatter the butt while providing a subtle lift. And of course, with materials made in Portugal, it’s got that luxe European feel to it. 

PUMP! Underwear: Bright colours, mesh fabrics, sporty appeal – what’s not to love about PUMP!’s jockstraps? With support cups made of a cotton/spandex blend, it’s the perfect offering of both comfort and flexibility. It’s also hard to ignore the bold PUMP! emblazoned across the waistband (and we have just one question: is that a statement or a request?) 

Helsinki Athletica: Made for men on and off the treadmill, Helsinki Athletica jockstraps are made with moisture-wicking technology and breathable mesh to keep you going for longer, no matter the activity. The low-rise design guarantees all-day comfort, and they’re available in 3 bold colours to help you stand out. 

Fasten yourself into a jockstrap today 

At DailyJocks, we’re all about minimalism, so when any type of underwear follows the adage that ‘less is more’, it’s going to be a winner in our books. If you need an underwear update, show off your best assets – at the gym, on the party scene, or even online – in our designer jockstraps. 

For red-blooded Australian men, you can enjoy fast shipping to wherever you are, in unbranded packaging for maximum discreetness. Furthermore, all purchases over $50 come with tracking, so you’ll know exactly when your goodies will be turning up. 

Choose from our range of jockstraps to match your lifestyle and taste. At DailyJocks, we’ve got the perfect designer fit for you. Order online today.