The Many Benefits of Wearing Spandex Boxer Briefs

The Many Benefits of Wearing Spandex Boxer Briefs

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Could you do with a little more flexibility in your life? Spandex could just be one of the most versatile materials, beginning its journey in the late 1950’s in ladies’ undergarments. Now, it’s not just for girls. Spandex has gone on to be used in all kinds of clothing, from sportswear to bike shorts to men’s spandex boxer briefs.

There are many reasons we can’t get enough of this light, stretchy, magical material! Here’s why your manhood will appreciate bendier briefs.

They’re super stretchy

Spandex is made up of a long-chain polymer and was originally developed as an alternative to rubber. It’s an “elastomer”, meaning it can be stretched to a certain degree and will return to its original form when released.

That means you can pull them on and off as much as you like (and as fast as you need) and you won’t have to worry about waistbands sagging over time. Not only that, but if your weight tends to fluctuate, your men’s spandex boxer briefs will fluctuate with you.

They feel amazing

There’s a reason why spandex is the material of choice for most athletes; it’s soft, smooth and lightweight. Your briefs are non-restrictive and allow you to move freely whether you’re working out, on the dancefloor or just appreciate comfort from your day-to-day underwear. When you’re at the gym, think deeper squats and wider side lunges for a stronger ass without getting your knickers twisted!

The material is soft and cool on your skin, and it moves as you move for ultimate comfort.

They’re form-shaping

Spandex is pretty much the king of skin-tight clothing. Traditionally, shapewear such as Spanx (made from a mix of spandex and nylon) was reserved for women that wanted to appear slimmer and create a smooth hourglass figure. Nowadays, us guys can create the impression of a tighter buttocks with spandex boxer briefs, for more confidence when we’re out and about or on a hot date.

How does it work? Rigid fabrics are knitted together to create a “compression” fabric which slightly squeezes the body it surrounds. In slimming shapewear, the effect is more dramatic than men’s spandex boxer briefs - where comfort is more important than downsizing! 

Spandex is vegan-friendly

The fashion world can be cruel to animals, but you can make small choices that make a positive impact. If you’re vegan, or you’re trying to make more conscious choices when it comes to your wardrobe, you can feel confident that your spandex underwear wasn’t made at the expense of any animals.

Spandex is a man-made synthetic fabric. The base material used is polyurethane, and usually, pure spandex isn’t used to make an entire garment. It tends to be mixed with other synthetic materials and organic fibres such as polyester. If veganism is high on your list of priorities, check the label to make sure the other materials are animal-friendly, too.

They’re breathable and moisture-controlling

The breathability and moisture-wicking abilities of spandex are high. It also dries quickly and can expand to 600% its original size! That’s why it’s so commonly used in yoga pants, cycling shorts, motion capture suits and under garments. When you’re looking for underwear that offers freedom of movement, less chafing, comfort, antibacterial and moisture-controlling properties, make the switch to spandex.

These properties plus spandex’s unbeatable athletic support could just encourage you to make a few extra trips to the gym and achieve the body you want!

They’re sexy!

Who wouldn’t want to contour and show off what they’re packing below the waist? Give your butt a lift and let the fabric hug your body, because men’s boxer briefs have had a sexy, athletic makeover! Achieving the shape you want is a huge confidence-booster and really, confidence is the most attractive thing we can wear.

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